Original Music Needs You (Poster)


After years of doing what I can with one pair of hands for the Unsigned out there, I have until 4th May 2015 to increase foot-fall to the Brewhouse ‘Originals’ on a Monday night or risk losing a great venue to showcase the wonderful ‘Original’ music I showcase on a weekly basis. If figures are still low on 4th May it will be an end to a great chapter in my life! Over the last 2 years I have worked tirelessly to showcase and archive just under 300 acts from the Brewhouse alone! From the brand new to the more seasoned I give them all a chance. I am a stickler for them to perform their ‘Original’ songs, which they seem to relish! Each night I broadcast, film and promote endlessly to help gain valuable exposure for the artists beyond Cardiff.


I am fully booked for local and International acts to play in May, June and throughout the rest of the year, which I may have to cancel. I have invaluable support from Cardiff AfterDark, who create a blog every week of our broadcasts, which they then share to seven cities around the UK. Roundhead Productions & Pi & Hash and good friends also champion what I do to their networks. Unfortunately that is not enough!


So in a nutshell…
I am asking you to all help me share the love for the Unsigned out there and attend at least one/all of the next 4 broadcasts and share the upcoming events to as many people/networks as possible. Be it a random tweet/post every now and then, to a more aggressive approach I will be eternally grateful. All links for the next broadcasts are right here –
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If after this collective push we still lose this venue I will be actively looking for another venue to continue the journey, so please contact me to make any suggestions of venues that you think may be interested.


Many thanks for those of you who have supported me thus far and taking the time to read this post. I hope to see you at one of the Brewhouse ‘Original’s’ nights very soon 🙂 x

Original Music Needs You (Poster)

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