Former pirate DJ, TV researcher, location scout, hospital & wedding jock, production assistant & talent booker, theatre & lighting tech, stage & tour manager, crew chief, roadie, magazine editor,  broadcast production trainer, events & festival manager, award-winning presenter, voice actor, giant & eternal softy.

BBC trained Best Male Presenter (2011, listener’s choice) & producer of the internationally regarded It’s Your Call & Let The Music Play magazine & music shows (Radio Cardiff 2009-14) first dipped an ear into a life of broadcasting in 1995 via pirate radio station Fresh FM.  Greater London Radio & twice weekly Bronglais Hospital Radio (Aberystwyth) followed. In between, a stint as a not-what-you’re-thinking End Of Parts Researcher for Channel Four’s  award-winning dawn chorus sense avalanche The Big Breakfast.

A series of theatre-based technical & production roles & UK tours culminated in 2014 with the set construction / trench dig management of the National Theatre of Wales’ Owen Sheers-penned audience interactive WWI commemorative play-in-a-field Mametz.

Standing at 6’8” (7ft+ with full ‘fro) there is no one bigger or louder exposing live music venues throughout South Wales to new & unsigned artists & bands travelling from all across the globe, specifically to play for a loyal local & internationally expanding cam-streamed audience.

Equally at home with debutant(e)s & veterans, community radio grifters & national radio Napoleons; a keen nose for equine feculence & a tongue sharpened by experience; the Big Scott Radio brand has warmed listeners’ ears & emptied their pocketbooks ahead of the bandwagon, introducing the likes of Ellie Makes Music, TIBET (formerly Brothers), Fingertrap, Railroad Bill, Albatross Archive, Nia, Nia Ann, Little Eris, Maddie Jones, JC’s Hopeless Sinners, Laurence Made Me Cry, Rad Stewart, James Clode Band & Samantha Crain (to name a handful) on many an occasion.

Internationally respected, connected & correct, a third ear for the unique amongst the new & an articulate respect for the never-say-die, & anecdotally linked to Bruno Brookes who once wished it were possible to purchase his walnutty baritone voice.

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