Original Music Needs You (Poster)


After years of doing what I can with one pair of hands for the Unsigned out there, I have until 4th May 2015 to increase foot-fall to the Brewhouse ‘Originals’ on a Monday night or risk losing a great venue to showcase the wonderful ‘Original’ music I showcase on a weekly basis. If figures are still low on 4th May it will be an end to a great chapter in my life! Over the last 2 years I have worked tirelessly to showcase and archive just under 300 acts from the Brewhouse alone! From the brand new to the more seasoned I give them all a chance. I am a stickler for them to perform their ‘Original’ songs, which they seem to relish! Each night I broadcast, film and promote endlessly to help gain valuable exposure for the artists beyond Cardiff.


I am fully booked for local and International acts to play in May, June and throughout the rest of the year, which I may have to cancel. I have invaluable support from Cardiff AfterDark, who create a blog every week of our broadcasts, which they then share to seven cities around the UK. Roundhead Productions & Pi & Hash and good friends also champion what I do to their networks. Unfortunately that is not enough!


So in a nutshell…
I am asking you to all help me share the love for the Unsigned out there and attend at least one/all of the next 4 broadcasts and share the upcoming events to as many people/networks as possible. Be it a random tweet/post every now and then, to a more aggressive approach I will be eternally grateful. All links for the next broadcasts are right here –
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If after this collective push we still lose this venue I will be actively looking for another venue to continue the journey, so please contact me to make any suggestions of venues that you think may be interested.


Many thanks for those of you who have supported me thus far and taking the time to read this post. I hope to see you at one of the Brewhouse ‘Original’s’ nights very soon 🙂 x

Original Music Needs You (Poster)

Afterdark to share the Love of Unsigned Artists

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I am proud to announce that AfterDark have offered to include all the  ‘Live Broadcasts’ we host through their website which gives another platform for the great Unsigned Artists we discover on a weekly basis to be heard by a new and varied audience. This is the beginning of a new collaboration and more things may come of it in the future 🙂

AfterDark – Is a comprehensive what’s on guide serving the S.West region. Providing listings, tickets, videos, photos, music, news and reviews and much more to boot.

AfterDarks Mission – Is to provide a free and easy to use platform for venues, promoters and customers to list, locate and find venues, tickets and events effortlessly within their town or city. We work hard to ensure that we are the comprehensive what’s on guide of choice and because of this AfterDark has built a community of loyal users who come back again and again.

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Malta’s Calling – The Electro Lobster Project – 6th Dec 2014

Hear the show live right here on the night  —->


Big Scott Radio has been asked to return to the lovely island of Malta on December 6th 2014. This time we have the honour of broadcasting from The Electro Lobster Project, Ballutta, St. Julian’s. The Colonel and all Shipmates of Malta are working hard behind the scenes, to create yet another amazing line-up from around the island. Confirmed so far we have David Ellul, Alex Fairman and Greek Singer/Songwriter Maro Sol Liapi. The band confirmed so far are Eversity and  Maddee Loveday with her band whose members are from Venezuela, Spain, Malta, and UK.


For Artists links and more details go to the Facebook Event Page 


About the Electro Lobster Project –

Straight away the name should confuse then intrigue you into wondering what it’s all about; a treasure of a place nestled within the historic beauty of one of Malta’s most eye-catching art nouveau buildings.

Delicious food, stunning decor and an enviable selection of premium whiskeys. An absolute must. As the name would suggest Lobster is their speciality. The rest of the menu is classic Sicilian, sourcing the freshest ingredients and allowing their rich flavours to dominate each dish.

As a contrast the bar snack menu is a constantly changing international fusion of small dishes ranging from gourmet popcorn to twelve hour slow roasted pork belly bites.

The cocktail barmen at Electro Lobster Project make their own infusions and chutneys, keeping away from mass produced syrupy shortcuts, producing the most creative & freshest cocktails in the area.

With its own live stage and live recording studio, ELP is set to become Malta’s no 1 venue for both established and up and coming bands.

Radio Cardiff Final Show

After 4+ years of volunteering at Radio Cardiff 98.7fm my shows are surplus to requirements so will cease on Monday 24th November 2014 at 4pm. The Final show will highlight a few of the great acts discovered along the way plus interviews with Phil Watkis and The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco. As usual we will finish with our popular ‘Thought for the Day’ and the last song will be my first ever Dubplate received from the amazing Phil Watkis 🙂 Click here for show details & playlist

I would like to thank Radio Cardiff 98.7fm for allowing me to utilize their facilities and platform, to educate myself and my Trainee Volunteers to the New-Age ways that radio is managed and broadcast. I would also like to thank those who made the journey a pleasurable one and hope to work with you in the future.

To all the Trainee Volunteers that have come on-board my shows over the years, I hope that the fun times and training we shared will be a help in your future. Finally to all the loyal listeners who have shared the love & links to the amazing interviews and exclusives we’ve had along the way 🙂

Now is the time for me to concentrate on what I love, to chat to real people and showcase the amazing Unsigned Artists out there, who have very few Radio platforms to demonstrate their amazing skills in a ‘Live Broadcasting’ situation. As one door closes, many new doors are opening to continue broadcasting the music I discover on a weekly basis. So be sure to follow the journey on all social media outlets and check out the Feedback from the artists themselves.

Once again, A big ‘Thank You’  to those of you who helped create and share some amazing memories.

ps I am conducting my own Show Survey so please feel free to listen to any of my shows and let me know your thoughts.

Feel free to leave your comments below 🙂

Unsigned Malta – Aboard The Black Pearl and Reflections in Melliaha

What an amazing experience that was sparked by an interview on Radio Cardiff with Maddee Loveday. Maddee and her manager said that I should visit Malta, so I did. In the space of just over 3 weeks the Zone-In Promotions Team in Malta (Maddee, Emi & Alex) pulled together a selection of Unsigned music from around the island. We then broadcast them from the ‘Black Pearl’ Schooner and then from Reflections in Melliaha. The whole journey was an eye-opening experience with alot being learned and shared with the new musical family in Malta. A BIG thank you to you guys and hope to be back soon for the next voyage on the Black Pearl and drink again in the Cross Keys too. So many wonderful and spiritually awake people over there, with a real passion for new music getting exhibited to the World 🙂


This is the full Audio recording of the first ever ‘Live Broadcast’ on The Black Pearl in Malta.

For Contact details of Artists Click Here


 Video footage aboard the Black Pearl


‘Live’ Ustream Broadcast footage from Reflections

Pt 1 – Reflections ‘Live’ Showcase with great Young Talent

Pt 2 – Jewls Verse closes off first ever broadcast from Reflections




Malta Here We Come

 Click Player on the right on 16th & 17th April to hear the shows ‘Live’


Big Scott Radio is venturing across the water to broadcast some New & Unsigned Acts from Malta. In-Zone Promotions have organized the artists and venues, The Black Pearl and Reflections. You will be able to tune in on the 16th & 17th April right here (Player is on the right) and hear what we discover. be sure to share the news and speak to you online soon


The Black Pearl Malta



 For more details click the links – The Black Pearl – Reflections – Zone In Promotions