UJS 2020 ‘Pitch To Rich’ Voting

UJS 2020 are a worthy cause for 16-24’s around the country, who didn’t have a great start in life but have the passion to follow their dreams and make them a reality. It takes only a minute to vote but 5 minutes of your time to share to your networks could make a world of difference to the next generation. For more information about UJS 2020 and how you can get involved in your part of the country click image above 🙂 x Be sure to follow them on Twitter


To vote click image below. Once you have voted remember to use the links on the voting page to share to your many networks 🙂 x

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World Radio Day Interview

Newport City Radio – #WorldRadioDay : The Method in The Madness!.

World Radio Day

as part of their World Radio Day event I was invited over to Newport City Radio to talk about the power and necessity of Community Radio. it was a thoroughly enjoyable time. Here are a few soundbites from the recordings too 😉

Importance of Radio and Music –

Importance of Community Radio –

Global Community Radio – 

On Mission to Help the Environment With Surfing



The 39-year-old surfer is now traveling from beach to beach with his girlfriend Carolina Scorsin promoting his invention to help children take up surfing and reduce waste at the same time.

Lumertz’s “eco surfboards,” which he first developed in 2007, consist of bottles supported by PVC tubes and glue. The bottles are treated with dry ice to make them stronger and more floatable. A standard board is made up of 41 bottles, and a stand up paddleboard is made using 73 bottles.

“A common surfboard in the store costs at least $2,000, but can reach $5,000. A board with plastic bottles is only $100,” explains Scorsin.