UJS 2020 ‘Pitch To Rich’ Voting

UJS 2020 are a worthy cause for 16-24’s around the country, who didn’t have a great start in life but have the passion to follow their dreams and make them a reality. It takes only a minute to vote but 5 minutes of your time to share to your networks could make a world of difference to the next generation. For more information about UJS 2020 and how you can get involved in your part of the country click image above 🙂 x Be sure to follow them on Twitter


To vote click image below. Once you have voted remember to use the links on the voting page to share to your many networks 🙂 x

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Big Scott Radio & Iron Heart CS Unite to #sharethelovefortheunsigned

I am proud to announce that Iron Heart CS are joining the ever growing team to help us on our mission to #sharethelovefortheunsigned in a completely professional way. All the Brewhouse nights will now be filmed using a 3 man crew with awesome kit. Each video will give you a snapshot of what you are missing every week! The video above is the inaugural video of Gareth Howatson, Kyle Taylor & Matt John Band. If you want to book Iron Heart CS for your event/promo video then please be sure to visit their website and let them know that Big Scott sent you 🙂 x


For full raw footage of each set from this night click here –> Brewhouse Live

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Afterdark to share the Love of Unsigned Artists

AfterDark Logo webaddress big

I am proud to announce that AfterDark have offered to include all the  ‘Live Broadcasts’ we host through their website which gives another platform for the great Unsigned Artists we discover on a weekly basis to be heard by a new and varied audience. This is the beginning of a new collaboration and more things may come of it in the future 🙂

AfterDark – Is a comprehensive what’s on guide serving the S.West region. Providing listings, tickets, videos, photos, music, news and reviews and much more to boot.

AfterDarks Mission – Is to provide a free and easy to use platform for venues, promoters and customers to list, locate and find venues, tickets and events effortlessly within their town or city. We work hard to ensure that we are the comprehensive what’s on guide of choice and because of this AfterDark has built a community of loyal users who come back again and again.

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Unsigned Malta – Aboard The Black Pearl and Reflections in Melliaha

What an amazing experience that was sparked by an interview on Radio Cardiff with Maddee Loveday. Maddee and her manager said that I should visit Malta, so I did. In the space of just over 3 weeks the Zone-In Promotions Team in Malta (Maddee, Emi & Alex) pulled together a selection of Unsigned music from around the island. We then broadcast them from the ‘Black Pearl’ Schooner and then from Reflections in Melliaha. The whole journey was an eye-opening experience with alot being learned and shared with the new musical family in Malta. A BIG thank you to you guys and hope to be back soon for the next voyage on the Black Pearl and drink again in the Cross Keys too. So many wonderful and spiritually awake people over there, with a real passion for new music getting exhibited to the World 🙂


This is the full Audio recording of the first ever ‘Live Broadcast’ on The Black Pearl in Malta.

For Contact details of Artists Click Here


 Video footage aboard the Black Pearl


‘Live’ Ustream Broadcast footage from Reflections

Pt 1 – Reflections ‘Live’ Showcase with great Young Talent

Pt 2 – Jewls Verse closes off first ever broadcast from Reflections




Malta Here We Come

 Click Player on the right on 16th & 17th April to hear the shows ‘Live’


Big Scott Radio is venturing across the water to broadcast some New & Unsigned Acts from Malta. In-Zone Promotions have organized the artists and venues, The Black Pearl and Reflections. You will be able to tune in on the 16th & 17th April right here (Player is on the right) and hear what we discover. be sure to share the news and speak to you online soon


The Black Pearl Malta



 For more details click the links – The Black Pearl – Reflections – Zone In Promotions



The Mentor Ring – My First Ever Live Speaking Experience


The Mentor Ring asked me to assist in creating a great event to showcase and encourage mentoring in Wales. This was my first ever experience of standing up in a crowd and sharing my life journey to a small degree. The whole event was an eye-opening and very emotional experience.

Below are some videos of the event which I will remember for a very long time 😉