Nia Ann – Artist of the Month – August 2015

NJTMT - Album Cover

Nia Ann first approached me back in 2011 to ask if she could be part of our ‘Live’ night’s in the back of the Royal Oak, on Broadway in Cardiff. She worked behind the bar and was itching to get back into music.The only problem was she had no real original music to speak of! We then lost contact and it was a couple of years later that I was contacted to say “I have my own material now, so any chance of a gig?”

Oh boy!! The first time I heard her perform I was gob-smacked! From dulcet bass tones to angelic whispers in the same breath! She has graced our stages many a time and the progress has been impressive, to say the least. Nia is a force to reckon with and the collaborators she is amassing will secure her a future in the music industry for a very long time x

A mixture of English and Welsh language songs are always part of her wonderful repertoire. Wise words and whimsical memories drift in and out of your mind as her musical journey captivates all in a room! This young lady is a legend in the making and a true Ambassador to the Welsh language and music scene 🙂 x

If you see her name on a poster near you make it a ‘MUST SEE’ artist. Also be sure to buy her EP ‘Not Just The Material Things’, released on 20th May 2015.


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Regime – Artist Of The Month – July 2015


Regime have been on our radar from the early day and their tune ‘Only Fools & Horses’ has kept many a listener happy and smiling since forever! The guys from Bristol know how to mesh real life issues to fun and inspirational rhythms. They entice the listener to think and reflect on what is going on around them. Their latest song and video ‘Great Britain’ should stir the masses, make the universe stand together and fight for your rights! Be sure to follow Regime and share the love to your musical world 🙂 —‘


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Artist of The Month – June 2015 – Bryony Sier

Bryony Sier

Our Artist of The month for June has to be Bryony Sier. Hailing from Merthyr Tydfil in the Welsh Valleys, Bryony has a singing style that encapsulates the listener, with guitar that emphasizes the mood and atmosphere. Relatively new to the scene Bryony is on the start of what I think will be an awesome journey. She performed for us at the Brewhouse in May and we then had the pleasure of hearing her again at the New Crown Inn (Merthyr) at a Singer/Songwriter night. Every time she performs the audience are stunned into silence with her soulful Country, Folk & Blues rhythms. Her friendly and polite attitude will take her a long way. Labels will be knocking on her door soon. Say hello and follow her throughout 2015 – She will be performing in Cardiff on Monday 8th June as part of the Brewhouse ‘Live’ Broadcasts…


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Artist of the Month – May 2015

Artist of the Month for May 2015 is Tom Auton

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Our Artist of the Month for May – has to be the young and very talented Tom Auton. He came onto my radar in Dec 2013 and we gave him his first real ‘Live’ gig at Nosda. Check out his first ever gig right here –


We asked him to come back and show us his progress last month and boy has he come a long way. Winning many a competition and garnering a healthy following of young female fans, this young man is on a path to great things. Great lyrics and a wise head for such a young talent. Cheeky charm and gentle melodies make him stand out and  looks that compliment the whole package. I am sure Agents will be knocking his door as soon as he reaches 18! All that is left to say is ‘Lock up your daughters’ if he is in town! Here is what you missed last Month and be sure to check him out on the social media links below 🙂




Artist Of The Month – April 2015

Artist of the Month for April 2015 are Cousin Avi

Cousin Avi FB

Our Artist of the Month for April –  The unmistakable sound of Cousin Avi brought to you by five talented musicians, all sharing the same infectious and unrelenting passion to produce unique and exciting music. They will be appearing at the Brewhouse on Monday 13th April. You can find more details here

This Anglo-Argentine outfit are intent on causing a musical invasion. Having played in various countries, both in Europe and South America, alongside the likes of Katy B, Amy Winehouse, and Basement Jaxx, Avi bring an electrifying live show. They were finalists in the Global Battle of The Bands Competition, and have also played the BBC Introducing Weekender, Brownstock Festival with Example and Miss Dynamite, and numerous other festivals across Europe, as well as enjoying plenty of BBC Introducing radio play.

Brought together by its five members (Francisco, Stuart, Ross, Duncan and Jacob), if you want conformity this isn’t the line you need! With a bit o’ funk, reggae, rock, soul, blues and anything or everything else in between, we call on you not to jump aboard, but to leap aboard. Onto what is a never-ending freight, hell bent on a musical revolution!

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Artist of The Month – March 2015

Tibet Pic

Our Artist of the Month for March is Wales’s very own Tibet. A fun-filled young band who have been entertaining Cardiff for the last few years. – I had the pleasure of being the first guy to play their demo a few years back on radio, and offered them their first real gig. From when they were rough and ready as ‘The Knox’ to a more polished lineup as ‘Brothers’ they had a vibe that was needed in the capital. Joel Hurst has developed into a great showman and Ethan Hurst (his Brother) is the real ‘Animal’ on the drums. Their latest evolution as Tibet has put them on the world map and they’ve just signed a deal with Lateral in London. 2015 has started well for Tibet. It will be interesting to see how they mature and take on the International scene! I have no doubt they will be in the industry for a long time and look forward to their next installment of music genius. Check out there new material and be sure to follow the guys  🙂 Twitter Soundcloud



Check out our other Artists of the month too 🙂 x

Artist of The Month – February 2015

Bleedin Noses

The New Year is well under way and Unsigned artists are moving at a cyber-speed pace these days. Our Artist of The Month for February is The Bleedin’ Noses who are causing quite a stir! All hailing from Blackwood these guys kick up a rumpus like I have not heard in a long darn while! Dirty folk, is how they are described and boy that only touches the surface of what these guys create for your audio pleasures!! They graced our stage once last year and hope to welcome them back sometime in 2015 when their busy schedule allows it! Be sure to follow these guys and like/follow/share the love using the links below  🙂

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Artist of the Month – January 2015

January 2015’s Artist of the Month has to be Rebecca James. This young, hard-working Artist has been on our radar for a long while. She performed as a Solo artist many times at The Brewhouse and appeared on my Radio Cardiff shows too. Since moving to London, she has blossomed into a fine Artist and is making big waves, with record labels chasing after her 🙂 x Make sure you follow her and check out her video ‘1000 Roses’

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Her debut in Cardiff just before Christmas with her full band was a pleasure to experience and look forward to her gracing our stage again in the near future 🙂 x


Artist of The Month – December 2014

James Clode - Full Band (B&W)

December 2014 – ‘Artist of The Month’ –  Probably one of the finest new bands out there in my opinion. The James Clode Band  have an abundance of Energy, Passion and Dedication. These are but a few ingredients that make this band shine. James has a belter of a voice that will one day match the likes of ‘The Boss’ and Mr Springsteen. If he doesn’t break a guitar string at his gig, he is not happy as it shows he hasn’t put every once of his energy into his stage craft. Big things are definitely on the cards for these guys and gals xx

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Artist of the Month – October 2014

Out of Karma is soulful blend of Rock and Dub grooves. Voice and Skin. String and Reed. India and Africa, Europe and The South. The guys from Leicester have been around for a little while and just released their new EP, which is a delight to listen to on a sunny day with a drink in your hand. These guys will be ones to watch in 2015 when the long-awaited album is released. You can check them out and go say hi at the links below – –  –