** World Exclusive **

This is a World Exclusive direct from Paul B Allen III(The Platters.) It was an honour to chat to him a while back and then receive this track before anyone else has had the chance to broadcast it 🙂

Paul creates a Soulful and sensual mood, which lets the mind drift away and paint great pictures, if only for a few minutes. This is a wonderful summer tune in the making.

Go and say hi to Paul right now 🙂


Mastered By Earle Holder at HDQTRZ Mastering Studios –


Share the love and the link. It should be available to download soon 🙂

Songs With A Tale – Interviewed by Exposure Radio

An interesting and nostalgic interview for students of Exposure Radio. I was asked to choose some tracks and explain why. Sure was a fun and interesting insight into where I started and what still drives me to enjoy Radio 🙂

Plus it features my first ever dubplate from Phil Watkis 🙂

Unsigned Malta – Aboard The Black Pearl and Reflections in Melliaha

What an amazing experience that was sparked by an interview on Radio Cardiff with Maddee Loveday. Maddee and her manager said that I should visit Malta, so I did. In the space of just over 3 weeks the Zone-In Promotions Team in Malta (Maddee, Emi & Alex) pulled together a selection of Unsigned music from around the island. We then broadcast them from the ‘Black Pearl’ Schooner and then from Reflections in Melliaha. The whole journey was an eye-opening experience with alot being learned and shared with the new musical family in Malta. A BIG thank you to you guys and hope to be back soon for the next voyage on the Black Pearl and drink again in the Cross Keys too. So many wonderful and spiritually awake people over there, with a real passion for new music getting exhibited to the World 🙂


This is the full Audio recording of the first ever ‘Live Broadcast’ on The Black Pearl in Malta.

For Contact details of Artists Click Here


 Video footage aboard the Black Pearl


‘Live’ Ustream Broadcast footage from Reflections

Pt 1 – Reflections ‘Live’ Showcase with great Young Talent

Pt 2 – Jewls Verse closes off first ever broadcast from Reflections




Malta Here We Come

 Click Player on the right on 16th & 17th April to hear the shows ‘Live’


Big Scott Radio is venturing across the water to broadcast some New & Unsigned Acts from Malta. In-Zone Promotions have organized the artists and venues, The Black Pearl and Reflections. You will be able to tune in on the 16th & 17th April right here (Player is on the right) and hear what we discover. be sure to share the news and speak to you online soon


The Black Pearl Malta



 For more details click the links – The Black Pearl – Reflections – Zone In Promotions



Big Scott’s Falun Gong ZSR Art Exhibition Interview 2013

My first ever time of being asked to explain what the artwork was saying to me. All the images were painted by artists who have suffered for following the Falun Gong regime of Honesty, Tolerance and Compassion. Members are regularly murdered in camps to provide organs for international ‘Transplant Tourists!!!

Shhh… Can You Keep a Secret

Shhh... Can you Keep a Secret

Welcome to the online world of great Alive & Unsigned music from around Wales, UK, Europe and beyond. You have caught us at the very beginning of an exciting journey to encourage and promote the great music we discover. Playing most genres and all ages. Some are brand new and others are seasoned Pro’s. I am sure you will hear something you like, so be sure to go and say hi to the artists too. They would love to hear what you thing and feel 😉

Why not have a look around the site and see what other gems you might discover, to put a smile on your face, or maybe make you think for a minute or two! Why not have a cuppa and listen to an eclectic mix of wonderful music from our every increasing database, which we have just started to upload, so every week there will be something new. Keep popping back and if you hear any great music along your journey who you thing should be considered for playing then please get in touch.

If you have any problems on the site please let us know and we will do our best to fix it 🙂

Right back to uploading some more great music 🙂

Enjoy looking around x

World Radio Day Interview

Newport City Radio – #WorldRadioDay : The Method in The Madness!.

World Radio Day

as part of their World Radio Day event I was invited over to Newport City Radio to talk about the power and necessity of Community Radio. it was a thoroughly enjoyable time. Here are a few soundbites from the recordings too 😉

Importance of Radio and Music –

Importance of Community Radio –

Global Community Radio –