Big Scott Radio ‘Live’ – May 18th 2015 – Presents…

We are proud to share our second installment of the wonderful videos being created to present unsigned geniuses to a greater audience. Performing in this video we have Tobias Robertson from Newport, Harri Davies (Cardiff) and to close out the night we had Leighton Jones & The Soul Tip from Grangetown. In collaboration with Stewart from IronHeart CS and Gemma Collard Photography who is also our wonderful resident Reviewer/Promoter, we strive to  fine tune and create a unique and professional  platform for us to #sharethelovefortheunsigned we discover every week. Feel free to have a read of the great reviews and check us all out using the links below. We hope you enjoy watching and look forward to seeing you at the next broadcast x
Tobias writes about those near misses we all encounter in love. He gets passionately involved with both the music and the lyrics; his vocals and fretwork are testament to that. Find Tobias Robertson here –
Harri makes his guitar produce a crisp, clean, and everlasting sound. You can see how much he’s moved by what he’s singing about; while his feet tap away to the rhythm, I can’t help but want to hear it amplified. Find Harri Davies here –
Leighton Jones & The Soul Tip are a six piece seduction of soul. They produce a full sound, strong percussion, velvet bass, funky guitars, bright keyboard rhythms and a beautiful marriage between the two vocals. Watching them is infectious, you’ve just got to move to the music. Find The Soul Tip here –
Raw footage of the full sets of each artist available here
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UJS 2020 ‘Pitch To Rich’ Voting

UJS 2020 are a worthy cause for 16-24’s around the country, who didn’t have a great start in life but have the passion to follow their dreams and make them a reality. It takes only a minute to vote but 5 minutes of your time to share to your networks could make a world of difference to the next generation. For more information about UJS 2020 and how you can get involved in your part of the country click image above 🙂 x Be sure to follow them on Twitter


To vote click image below. Once you have voted remember to use the links on the voting page to share to your many networks 🙂 x

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Big Scott Radio & Iron Heart CS Unite to #sharethelovefortheunsigned

I am proud to announce that Iron Heart CS are joining the ever growing team to help us on our mission to #sharethelovefortheunsigned in a completely professional way. All the Brewhouse nights will now be filmed using a 3 man crew with awesome kit. Each video will give you a snapshot of what you are missing every week! The video above is the inaugural video of Gareth Howatson, Kyle Taylor & Matt John Band. If you want to book Iron Heart CS for your event/promo video then please be sure to visit their website and let them know that Big Scott sent you 🙂 x


For full raw footage of each set from this night click here –> Brewhouse Live

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Artist of the Month – May 2015

Artist of the Month for May 2015 is Tom Auton

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Our Artist of the Month for May – has to be the young and very talented Tom Auton. He came onto my radar in Dec 2013 and we gave him his first real ‘Live’ gig at Nosda. Check out his first ever gig right here –


We asked him to come back and show us his progress last month and boy has he come a long way. Winning many a competition and garnering a healthy following of young female fans, this young man is on a path to great things. Great lyrics and a wise head for such a young talent. Cheeky charm and gentle melodies make him stand out and  looks that compliment the whole package. I am sure Agents will be knocking his door as soon as he reaches 18! All that is left to say is ‘Lock up your daughters’ if he is in town! Here is what you missed last Month and be sure to check him out on the social media links below 🙂




Made In Cardiff TV Interview

Many thanks to Gemma Collard for arranging this interview with Katie Eason from Made In Cardiff TV, to help highlight the cause to keep the Brewhouse ‘Original’ nights going for the Unsigned artists from Wales and beyond. After nearly 2 years the nights are under threat due to a lack of footfall to the venue on a Monday night. To read the full story click here.


#sharethelovefortheunsigned wherever you are in the world 🙂




Original Music Needs You (Poster)


After years of doing what I can with one pair of hands for the Unsigned out there, I have until 4th May 2015 to increase foot-fall to the Brewhouse ‘Originals’ on a Monday night or risk losing a great venue to showcase the wonderful ‘Original’ music I showcase on a weekly basis. If figures are still low on 4th May it will be an end to a great chapter in my life! Over the last 2 years I have worked tirelessly to showcase and archive just under 300 acts from the Brewhouse alone! From the brand new to the more seasoned I give them all a chance. I am a stickler for them to perform their ‘Original’ songs, which they seem to relish! Each night I broadcast, film and promote endlessly to help gain valuable exposure for the artists beyond Cardiff.


I am fully booked for local and International acts to play in May, June and throughout the rest of the year, which I may have to cancel. I have invaluable support from Cardiff AfterDark, who create a blog every week of our broadcasts, which they then share to seven cities around the UK. Roundhead Productions & Pi & Hash and good friends also champion what I do to their networks. Unfortunately that is not enough!


So in a nutshell…
I am asking you to all help me share the love for the Unsigned out there and attend at least one/all of the next 4 broadcasts and share the upcoming events to as many people/networks as possible. Be it a random tweet/post every now and then, to a more aggressive approach I will be eternally grateful. All links for the next broadcasts are right here –
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If after this collective push we still lose this venue I will be actively looking for another venue to continue the journey, so please contact me to make any suggestions of venues that you think may be interested.


Many thanks for those of you who have supported me thus far and taking the time to read this post. I hope to see you at one of the Brewhouse ‘Original’s’ nights very soon 🙂 x

Original Music Needs You (Poster)

Artist Of The Month – April 2015

Artist of the Month for April 2015 are Cousin Avi

Cousin Avi FB

Our Artist of the Month for April –  The unmistakable sound of Cousin Avi brought to you by five talented musicians, all sharing the same infectious and unrelenting passion to produce unique and exciting music. They will be appearing at the Brewhouse on Monday 13th April. You can find more details here

This Anglo-Argentine outfit are intent on causing a musical invasion. Having played in various countries, both in Europe and South America, alongside the likes of Katy B, Amy Winehouse, and Basement Jaxx, Avi bring an electrifying live show. They were finalists in the Global Battle of The Bands Competition, and have also played the BBC Introducing Weekender, Brownstock Festival with Example and Miss Dynamite, and numerous other festivals across Europe, as well as enjoying plenty of BBC Introducing radio play.

Brought together by its five members (Francisco, Stuart, Ross, Duncan and Jacob), if you want conformity this isn’t the line you need! With a bit o’ funk, reggae, rock, soul, blues and anything or everything else in between, we call on you not to jump aboard, but to leap aboard. Onto what is a never-ending freight, hell bent on a musical revolution!

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Artist of The Month – March 2015

Tibet Pic

Our Artist of the Month for March is Wales’s very own Tibet. A fun-filled young band who have been entertaining Cardiff for the last few years. – I had the pleasure of being the first guy to play their demo a few years back on radio, and offered them their first real gig. From when they were rough and ready as ‘The Knox’ to a more polished lineup as ‘Brothers’ they had a vibe that was needed in the capital. Joel Hurst has developed into a great showman and Ethan Hurst (his Brother) is the real ‘Animal’ on the drums. Their latest evolution as Tibet has put them on the world map and they’ve just signed a deal with Lateral in London. 2015 has started well for Tibet. It will be interesting to see how they mature and take on the International scene! I have no doubt they will be in the industry for a long time and look forward to their next installment of music genius. Check out there new material and be sure to follow the guys  🙂 Twitter Soundcloud



Check out our other Artists of the month too 🙂 x

Artist of The Month – February 2015

Bleedin Noses

The New Year is well under way and Unsigned artists are moving at a cyber-speed pace these days. Our Artist of The Month for February is The Bleedin’ Noses who are causing quite a stir! All hailing from Blackwood these guys kick up a rumpus like I have not heard in a long darn while! Dirty folk, is how they are described and boy that only touches the surface of what these guys create for your audio pleasures!! They graced our stage once last year and hope to welcome them back sometime in 2015 when their busy schedule allows it! Be sure to follow these guys and like/follow/share the love using the links below  🙂

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