Broadcasting from HUB festival

‘Live’ Broadcasting From HUB Festival 2015
HUB Festival 2015

After a successful meeting with the guys running the HUB Festival this August Bank Holiday in Cardiff, I am glad to announce we’re broadcasting ‘Live’ through U & I Radio on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th August. Our mission is to highlight some of great artists performing at this wonderful event. We’ll be based in The Loft at The Moon Club on Womanby St. Come join us and grabs some limited stickers x

200 acts, 12 stages, 2 days, 1 wristband.

Be sure to get your wristband ASAP as the last 2 years have been sold out before anyone played! £10 Day-Tickets / £15 Weekend-Tickets.

Artist Lineup Details

Big Scott Radio ‘Live’ – 29th June 2015

 Teaser Showreel by IronHeart CS is now ‘Live’

The line-up for Monday 29th June 2015 started with the amazing Nia Ann & Joe Marvelly, followed by Bella Collins & Gareth Evans. Then we took it uptempo with Curious Orange and to rock it out we had Commander BOOM! Read below for full reviews by Gemma Collard Photography and links to all involved in these wonderful weekly shows are in the footer of every page 🙂 Come join us next Monday and always remember to #sharethelovefortheunsigned to your social networks 🙂

Nia Ann – This woman’s command of her voice is impeccably controlled, she flutters and flies between high and low, it’s orgasmic! For one woman on a stage she certainly fills it. Her stage personality is blossoming each time I see her. I love her softer, quieter songs. That said ‘Not Just The Material Things’ from her new EP is fun and funky especially when partnered with some excellent percussion from Joe Marvelly. She will certainly be featuring at 2016’s Vale Jazz Weekend… Find Nia Ann right HERE


Bella Collins & Gareth Evans opened their set with one of my favourite songs of Bella’s – ‘Baby Got Me Talking’ in their standard, jazzy way. Gareth’s guitar transports you to faraway destinations and the flair to Bella’s vocals just flows. They will also be at #ValeJazz in 2016, for sure! Find Bella & Gareth right HERE 


Curious Orange are a two guitar and bass trio with three massive vocal harmonies. They have bags of personality, brought a good following and are clearly enjoying playing on our big broadcast stage. Their love for it is pretty infectious. There’s angst, emotion and stories laced through these lyrics and they’re delivered with feeling. Check them out, a refreshing take on the local music scene. Find Curious Orange HERE


Commander Boom – I’ve been following these guys online for a while now, so I was pretty excited to get them live in my ears. My favourite song by them, ‘Light The Fuse’, lived up to everything I wanted it to be in the live version. Rocking! Stadium rock guitar shreds, bass slaps, female power on the drums and a quirky vocal, reminiscent of those nineties, Seattle sounds. Yes! You can find Commander BOOM right HERE


Commander BOOM (Gemma)Click to see more great photos from Gemma Collard Photography



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Artist of The Month – February 2015

Bleedin Noses

The New Year is well under way and Unsigned artists are moving at a cyber-speed pace these days. Our Artist of The Month for February is The Bleedin’ Noses who are causing quite a stir! All hailing from Blackwood these guys kick up a rumpus like I have not heard in a long darn while! Dirty folk, is how they are described and boy that only touches the surface of what these guys create for your audio pleasures!! They graced our stage once last year and hope to welcome them back sometime in 2015 when their busy schedule allows it! Be sure to follow these guys and like/follow/share the love using the links below  🙂

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